Radke Film Group

Production Services

Radke's Service Division has built a client base of the industry’s leading production companies and agencies through a commitment to deliver sophisticated, efficient production and an ability to contribute our knowledge and expertise to the success of each project.

Why Radke

Radke is the premier production company in Canada. Through years of working with the world’s most recognizable production companies and agencies, we understand the standards which are expected when shooting abroad. We provide the following to all our Production Services clients:

  • AICP based bidding, cost consulting, estimating and quoting
  • Production supervision, cost tracking and budget accountability
  • Complete wrap services including actualizing, payroll, insurance coverage and all tax issues/waivers/permits
  • Logistical planning/scheduling Canada-wide including Vancouver, Toronto, The Yukon, Calgary, East Coast and more
  • Comprehensive location research and scouting
  • The most talented and experienced crew in Canada
  • The economic benefits of our preferential relationships with equipment and service suppliers are passed on to our clients
  • New and fully outfitted production offices: wireless high speed, colour copiers, etc…

Production in Canada

Canada has more to offer than its favourable exchange rate. There are distinct, tangible benefits to choosing Canada for your production:

  • Toronto and Vancouver are the 3rd and 4th largest production centres in North America. Canada is also one of the most multicultural countries in the world. We have one of the finest and most diverse union and non-union talent pools available anywhere.
  • Productions shooting in Canada can take advantage of the favourable union and non-union talent rates.
  • Our proximity to major US production centres simplifies the access to US talent pools.
  • Few countries can compete with Canada’s size and its range of locations. From historical villages to modern cities, chilling tundra to sun-drenched beaches, Canada’s diversity is unparalleled.
  • For decades, international feature and commercial productions have taken advantage of Canada’s ability to provide unique locations or double for specific locations in North America, Asia and Europe.